About CatFacts

This is a CatFacts project. Its sole purpose is to inform the world, who may otherwise be unwilling to listen, about neat feline facts by sending hourly facts to their mobile device via SMS for 100 hours straight from 617-44-MEEOW.

This was designed for trolls and cat-lovers. If you're a troll, share your CatFacts stories. If you're a cat-lover, I'm glad I could offer you this service. If you're a troll cat-lover, I ask for your hand in marriage.

How can I use it?

Enter a number below (no leading '1', no hyphens or spaces or anything. Just ten numbers), mark whether the number is being added or removed from CatFacts, solve the ReCaptcha and submit.

Remember that some of your friends may also have friends that should learn about cats. Be a hero and share this project with them!

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